Training Overview

Hasta Security provides training programs for specialised security services and offers comprehensive security training courses, in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Our courses are designed to provide an environment that suits the needs and expectations of ex-military and non-military personnel.

Romania is an open and tolerant country that is affordable and accessible. Romania is also home to a large number of experienced security professionals in addition to experts in intelligence and surveillance. This allows Hasta Security to tap into the vast resources available in order to provide the most effective and realistic training possible.

The Republic of Moldova provides our students with the opportunity to experience operating in a semi-hostile environment. Moldova provides a geopolitical and legal framework that allows us to provide realistic hostile environment training. Further to this the likelihood of being faced with real life scenarios during training, such as dealing with corruption or petty crimes are high and give the students real life experience in high pressure situations.

Our courses exceed international standards and are recognised around the world as market leading in preparing students to meet the challenges they will face in the field. Hasta Security training programs can be taught in all languages using translators.

We offer training packages including:

Close Protection Lvl 3, Hostile Environment Close Protection, Tactical Firearms, Maritime Security Officer (MSO), SSD and STCW 95 courses to the most advanced Commercial and Tactical First Aid training. On completion students will leave the programs equipped and ready to perform.

Our mission and focus is to provide the right atmosphere, tools and programs that will help committed individuals succeed in the private security industry. Hasta Security work with numerous government agencies as well as private companies and professional instructors. The approach is designed to promote in-depth security training and preparation that covers a wide range of private security specialties. Hasta Security provides the necessary tools for clients to choose their areas of emphasis, allowing them to make the most of their training package.