Investigations for Individuals

Investigations for Individuals


It can be very daunting for individuals conducting either business or personal activities in Romania.

Different language, unfamiliar legal system and sudden change in culture can leave you feeling like a fish out of water and not having friends around to help you. Romania has a lot of criminals working in fraud and deception who prey on new people to the country taking advantage of your disorientation.

Whether you need a person or a lost asset found, if you are going to a meeting and want to have support, you are in a relationship and distrust the person or you are thinking of starting a new venture and want to know if things are as people say they are, contact us and have a free chat about what options you have in Romania.

Hasta Security will work with individuals exhausting every possible avenue to help provide our clients with the results they request. This is done exploiting our vast pool of knowledge from ex police detectives with decades of experience in the criminal law system to IT, surveillance and forensic accountants.

Missing Persons


Whether it is a spouse, ex-business partner or anyone you need to find we can help. Often it is the case that people who owe you money disappear, partners may disappear with your possessions or people may have dropped contact and you are worried about them.

Our staff have decades or experience working as police detectives to find where the person is now, our reach can be global with partners in most of Europe the US and Isreal.

We are not a “People Finder Instant Search” database company that gives you old, outdated public record information. We use investigators specializing in finding people, quickly and cost effectively. We have access to data, sources and other specialists that allow us to get you the result you want, not excuses.


Asset Evaluation for Future Insolvency


If you have a judgment in your favour from a civil court or are thinking of taking someone to court for damages you may be unsure of the defendants ability to pay the fine.

Hasta Security can help you in the event of a judgment to find assets including hidden assets. Including property and vehicles, bank accounts onshore and offshore, business ownership and more. Giving you the information you need to collect on that judgment, helping ensure you do not waste time and money chasing someone through a court who cannot pay and making sure that those that chose not to pay do.

An example would be someone who moves all their assets into someone else name to hide them from creditors or lives of the expenses of a company or close friend or relative.


Suspicion of Criminal Activity


If you have dealings in Romania, whether they be business or personal you will most likely find it an excellent experience, however in rare cases you may be led to believe things are not completely as they seem. People may turn out not to be who they say they are, own what they say they own or know who they say the know. This can cause many complications especially if you are uncertain.The police are not able to help you in the majority of these cases, unless the person is a known criminal there will probably be not enough evidence for them to become involved.

Hasta Security can help you find an answer to any questions that you have affecting your relationships, both business and personal, in Romania, we do this in a very discreet manner and your privacy is our main.