First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses

First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOSi)

FPOSi has been designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help a person in a life threatening situation.

FPOS is designed for those who are likely to be first on the scene of an emergency incident when a person’s life is in danger, such as community responders, fire and police personnel, industrial first aiders and those who want to achieve more than First Aid.

This qualification has been developed with the NHS Ambulance Services within the United Kingdom and is clinically endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care and now internationally recognised as an entry level standard for the security industry. FPOS also meets the Security Industry Authority first aid requirements for Close Protection Operatives.

Duration: 4 day

Assessment: Multiple choice exam and practical assessment

Certification: Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 FPOSi Certificate valid for 3 years

Cost: available on request





Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA)

Our MIRA course is for those people working in remote areas throughout the world, weather you are a CP operative or just somebody who wishes to raise their medical knowledge with a more in depth level, we at Hasta Security will train you to a very high standard in which you will learn how to deal with a medical issue within a remote environment.

The Medics in Remote Areas Hostile/Maritime course is a full on course, two levels above the FPOS I course, the course will cover Trauma Primary and Secondary Assessment, CABCDE, Advanced Airway Management Skills, Thoracic Trauma Skills, Mass Haemorrhage Control, Lethal Triad, IV/IO Skills and fluid therapy, Advanced Burns Management, Remote RTC Management Skills, Incident Management Skills, Environmental Illnesses, Extremity Trauma, Wound Care Management, Suturing Skills, Remote Antibiotics knowledge, Tropical medicine, Dental Emergencies, Prolonged Field Care Skills, Abdominal/Pelvic Trauma Skills and much more.

NOTE: It is advised that if you wish to attend this course, either complete an FPOS I course or a First Aid at Work Instructor’s course prior. For more information, please click here

Duration: 5 Days
Assessments: Written and Practical
Certification: Successful candidates will receive a Level 4 Certificate valid for 3 years
Cost: available on request




Combined FPOSi and MIRA

Get your MIRA and FPOSi qualifications in one course!

We are currently carrying out MIRA and FPOSi training as a combined 5 day course. Be prepared to work long days, but you will come out of it with all the first aid qualifications you are likely to need in order to gain employment within the security industry.

Duration: 5 Days

Assessment: Written test, multiple choice tests and practical assessments


Successful candidates will receive a:

  • Level 4 Award in MIRA valid for 3 years
  • FPOS-i – First Person on Scene Intermediate valid for 3 years

Note: The above courses and qualifications are delivered and awarded by Axle Training Medical Solutions UK.

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