Door Supervisor Level 2

Door Supervisor Level 2

This nationally recognised qualification is the industry standard and enables a door supervisor to apply for a licence to practice.

The qualification is based on the Security Industry Authority (SIA) specification for core competency training for door supervisors, which covers the necessary understanding and skills required by individuals who work to provide a more secure leisure environment. Door supervisors are expected to be dealing with members of the public in licensed premises on a regular basis and hence the need for SIA training in order to carry out their duties effectively; abiding by all laws and regulations. Door supervisors are needed at the point of entry to carefully decide on the suitability of customers entering licensed premises and maintaining order and public safety.

Door supervisors are required to play an active role in the fight against drug abuse and would refuse entry to those who may be in breach of criminal law, licensing law or ejecting those who are in breach of these laws or who may be placing the management’s licence at risk.


To provide the learner with the basic knowledge and understanding to ensure the provision of a professional level of service as a door supervisor; and to address the licensing requirements in the SIA regulated operational environment.


Provide the learner with knowledge of work systems and procedures.

Develop the learner’s understanding of the roles and responsibilities of door supervisors working in a secure leisure environment, and the relevance of regulations within which they must operate.

Develop the learner’s knowledge of health and safety in the workplace including awareness of emergency procedures.

Develop the learner’s abilities to recognise, defuse and resolve conflict situations.

Provide the learner with knowledge of the law and legal issues.

Enable the learner to implement effective methods of communication.

This will also allow the learner to deal with Physical Intervention (PI)in a legal & law abiding way, we also supply our own free PI colour hand-out for all delegates.

This course is now separated into four Units:

1) Working in the Private Security Industry.
2) Working as a Door Supervisor.
3) Conflict management for the Private Security Industry.
4) Physical Intervention.

On successful completion of this approved training course, delegates would then be eligible to apply for their SIA National Door Supervisors Licence.

Course Cost : €350 + TVA

Note: This course qualification is delivered and awarded by Elite Academy of Security Training UK.

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